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Using stereolithography, laser sintering or 3D-printing

Stereolithography (STL/SLA) and vacuum casting

This process makes it possible to produce models and samples very quickly. As a result, dimensions, design, Shore hardness and simple functions can be optimally checked.

We create a master model (STL model) from the 3D data. It is produced step by step by targeting and hardening a liquid, UV-sensitive resin. This master model is then used to create a silicone mold from which vacuum castings are produced using various casting resins with properties and degrees of hardness that are similar to the series material. This allows many functions to be tested in advance. The knowledge gained is then used to improve the products or manufacturing processes.


Fast. Flexible. Innovative

Customized prototypes for our customers

Laser sintering (SLS)

Laser sintering is primarily used to produce resilient functional prototypes without special surface requirements. In this process, the powdery starting materials are melted locally by a CO2 laser and the product is built up layer by layer.


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