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Household goods

For the household goods industry, ARNOLD supplies products made of EPDM, LSR, PE or PU foam as well as extruded plastics in hard/soft gradations. Depending on requirements, we use these to create particularly delicate surface structures or products with excellent fitting accuracy.

We customize each product specifically to the requirements of our customers. From development and prototype production to the delivery of industrial quality ready for series production.

ARNOLD products for
household goods

The wide range of materials that ARNOLD offers for the household goods industry makes it possible to meet a variety of customer requirements. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is valued for its excellent weather resistance and durability, ideal for household items that are exposed to frequent use and environmental influences. LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), on the other hand, offers excellent thermal stability and is particularly suitable for products that require heat resistance, such as kitchen utensils or baking pans.


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Customized products for household goods

Co-Ex Profiles

Area of application: Household goods industry
Material: EPDM + sponge rubber-EPDM
Special feature: Co-Ex + tri-extrusion, hard/soft combination, various color combinations possible (e.g. black/white)

Precision molded parts

Area of application: Household goods industry
Material: LSR
Special feature: Filigree surface structure, tightest tolerances

Cylindrical foam rings

Area of application: Household goods industry
Material: PU and PE foam
Special feature: Water jet cut


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