Stamped parts

Made of non-metallic materials

ARNOLD manufactures a wide variety of stamped parts from all non-metallic materials. In addition to elastomers (see moulded parts), this also includes hard paper qualities and all foamed materials such as cellular rubber, foam rubber, cellular polyethylene, silicon foam, cellular polyurethane, etc.

Stamped parts from ARNOLD – Examples

Tailor-made solutions made of elastomers and thermoplastics

Diverse Stanzteile aus verschiedenen Materialien

Stamped parts (various)

Application: Electrical engineering

Material: Silicone, cork, Klingersil, Flexoid, Tesnit, sealing paper, NBR, graphite

Special feature: For all requirement profiles

Zylindrische Ringe aus Schaumstoff

Foam rollers

Application: Construction sector

Material: PE foam and PU foam

Special feature: Water-jet cut

EPDM-Plättchen zur galvanischen Trennung

EPDM Platelets

Application: Photovoltaics, galvanic isolation

Material: EPDM

Special feature: Self-adhesive on one side

Selbstklebende Stanzteile mit und ohne Abziehlasche

Stamped parts

Applications: Automotive, shock absorber

Material: HNBR

Special features: Peel-off tab for easy assembly and quick handling

Zellkautschukstreifen, einseitig selbstklebend, auf Rolle

Cellular rubber strip

Applications: Photovoltaics, galvanic isolation

Material: Cellular rubber-EPDM

Special features: Leave on tape, self-adhesive on one side, fire protection

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