Moulded parts

From bellows to grommets

The moulded parts of ARNOLD GmbH are tailor-made. We have tailored them to the needs of our customers. This has resulted in an extensive range of bases, sleeves, grommets, caps, buffers, bellows, lip seals, O-rings, wedge seals, balls and rubber-to-metal connections.

Although there is a great variety, all products have one feature in common: quality.

Stamped parts from ARNOLD – Examples

Tailor-made solutions made of elastomers and thermoplastics


Application: Protective cover for hand tools

Material: Soft-PVC + TPE

Special features: Colour fastness, exact adjustment according to RAL and Pantone

Montagehilfen & Kabelhalter

Mounting aids / cable holders

Application: Photovoltaics

Material: ASA, PA 6.6

Special features: Very high UV stability, 10 years warranty

Ansaugstutzen für die Automobilindustrie von ARNOLD GmbH

Intake socket

Application: Automotive, engine compartment

Material: NBR

Flange gaskets

Application: Solar collectors

Material: LSR

Special features: High temperature resistance, very small tolerances and excellent surface quality

Special bellows

Application: Automotive, engine compartment

Material: HNBR

Special feature: High flexibility under high mechanical stress

Sxstemdeckel für die Bauindustrie

System covers

Application: Building services

Material: ABS

Special feature: High accuracy of fit


2-component moulded part

Application: Electrical engineering

Material: ABS, LSR

Special features: High accuracy of fit and dampening properties with very small tolerances

Precision moulded parts

Application: Electrical engineering

Material: LSR

Special features: Filigree surface structure, very small tolerances

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