Sanitary industry

For the sanitary industry, we manufacture a wide range of standard and special seals as well as heavy-duty and durable moulded parts. These products are tailor-made. Both in their form and in their properties.

When choosing the most suitable materials, we do not limit ourselves to the wide range of technical plastics. We also manufacture our products from silicone, cork, Klingersil, Flexoid, Tesnit, sealing paper, NBR or graphite as required.

ARNOLD products for the sanitary industry

Tailor-made solutions made of elastomers and thermoplastics

Special bellows

Application: Sanitary industry

Material: HNBR

Special features: High flexibility under high mechanical stress

Dorngeheizte Formschläuche ohne Gewebe

Moulded hoses (mandrel-heated)

Application: Sanitary industry

Material: ECO (with and without fabric)

Special features: Highly resilient, very durable

Various stamped parts

Application: Sanitary industry

Material: Silicone, cork, Klingersil, Flexoid, Tesnit, sealing paper, NBR, graphite

Special feature: For all requirement profiles

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