Bauindustrie, Gebäudetechnik

Construction sector

Co-Ex + tri-extrusions, hard/soft combinations, UV-stable, gas-impermeable or gas-free – ARNOLD products meet a wide range of requirements in various applications in the construction industry and building services engineering. The high accuracy of fit and long durability are common features of all ARNOLD products.

We use the following materials: ASA, ABS, EPDM, PA, PE and PU foam, NBR, silicone, cork, Klingersil, Flexoid, Tesnit, sealing paper, graphite.

ARNOLD products for the construction sector

Tailor-made solutions made of elastomers and thermoplastics

Co-Ex Profile

Co-Ex Profiles

Application: Construction sector

Material: EPDM + foam rubber EPDM

Special features: Co-extrusion + tri-extrusion, hard/soft combination, various colour combinations possible (e.g. black/white)

Montagehilfen & Kabelhalter

Mounting aids & cable holders

Application: Construction sector

Material: ASA, PA 6.6

Special features: Very high UV stability, 10 years warranty

Sxstemdeckel für die Bauindustrie

System covers

Application: Construction sector

Material: ABS

Special feature: High accuracy of fit

Zylindrische Ringe aus Schaumstoff

Foam rollers

Application: Construction sector

Material: PE foam or PU foam

Special feature: Water-jet cut

Vulkanisierte Profilrahmen/-ecken

Profile frame (vulcanised)

Application: Solar collectors

Material: EPDM

Special feature: Gas-free, very high UV stability, 10 years warranty

Diverse Stanzteile aus verschiedenen Materialien

Stamped parts (various)

Application: Construction sector

Material: Silicone, cork, Klingersil, Flexoid, Tesnit, sealing paper, NBR, graphite

Special feature: For all requirement profiles

EPDM-Plättchen zur galvanischen Trennung

EPDM Platelets

Application: Construction sector

Material: EPDM

Special feature: Self-adhesive on one side

Einschnittring mit Trennschnitt

Down-cut ring with separating cut

Application: Construction sector

Material: NBR

Special feature: Impermeable to gas

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